Conscious Purpose versus Nature – Gregory Bateson

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[sometimes I regret posting so many things here – because something like this might get missed. This, it seems to me, is a very big and important paper]

Conscious Purpose versus Nature – Gregory Bateson

pdf (easier to read) –

(*This lecture was given in August, 1968, to the London Conference on the Dialectics of Liberation, and is here reprinted from Dialectics of Liberation by permission of the publisher, Penguin Books Inc.)

Our civilization, which is on the block here for investigation and evaluation, has its roots in three main ancient civilizations: the Roman, the Hebrew and the Greek; and it would
Seem that many of our problems are related to the fact that we have an imperialist
civilization leavened or yeasted by a downtrodden, exploited colony in Palestine. In this
conference, we are again going to be fighting out the conflict between the Romans and
the Palestinians.

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